Violet a mythical bird like the phoenix of the 2nd 香港SPA品茶chapter is fabulous

” love, very heavy: Astral is fabulous ” of slippery Xiang Yongheng germinant / , this chapter in all 4356 words, update at: 2020-08-08 09:39

The next day early morning, palace home receives a visitor south old hall.

Palace couple sits at south in the middle of advocate on, this seat is a two-men that join system however, this city person is in charge of this kind of seat to be called ‘ the chair that join state ‘ do not know to be taken again from the ancients, both hands of wind month by month is holding the arm of her Na Weifeng’s elder brother in the arms, headrest is worn his shoulder Zheng Qingqing I. Stand by a daughter of white garment celestial being, look at on a few times from time to time, the mouth is grunting Laogao, refuse stamp air air groans.

The middleaged man in big strides of one chamberlain about went, also do not salute mouth shortcut: “Brother comes (the meaning of eldest brother, it is to take probably from the ancients) , the person was brought “

This pair of an affectionate couple listen the person opens sound, manage hurriedly clothes, dry cough two, respectful sits up like that, that chamberlain takes a seat south side of Gong Qifeng right hand, careless not cabined also. Gong Qifeng firm looked at him south, open way of acoustical deride and taunt: “Ursine goods, enter the door to cannot put a fart first! Enter the door to cannot put a fart first!!

That chamberlain does not mind, the bad laugh of one face, turn and to cried outside the door sentence ” take! Turn and to cried outside the door sentence ” take!!

See one white clothing is light year by rope ligature the stride walked into pair of hands to receive a visitor hall, heel lead troops twice the Zhuang Han of blade.

Enter receive a visitor hall, that touched a single person rustic Baiyi’s man starts to talk: “The entertain a guest path of home of the palace austral this is really special still! Be an it is better to see for oneself rather than to hear for many times really! ” saying to still be swept to 2 belles place, ate one Jing however, be afraid of is to did not think of to have this unexpectedly, become aware awkwardness is clinking suddenly the become flustered in the heart, hold a double hand in both hands not the dwelling place is tricky.

Gong Qifeng takes seat south, ceng ground stand up: “You disgrace of this smelly boy bully gentlewoman, still dare bold-faced say oneself are a guest? ! !!

“Namely! ” , na Gongling admires facial akimbo to blurt out, one pair swears to get back fair look.

“If talk military accomplishment, where am I that aunt… the woman’s adversary ” girl of Baiyi’s man respecting 2 words consciousness is inappropriate, but the word also already was obliged partly too over shoes over boots, that madam also won’t mind expect, perhaps return very benefit from is not knowable also.

Just as one would expect, that violet garment beauty listen girl 2 words, it is the benefit from of extremely really.

Gong Qifeng is not had temporarily south language, firm firm cut out she is one, throat Ji two awkwardness take a seat. Violet garment belle took aim he is one, see his complexion is ugly, frighten so that shrink rapidly turned round, not dare utter a sound or word.

“Your chicanery! ” spruce face of Na Gongling is small red, seeming was to use gas.

White garment man also does not argue, still start to talk: “If I do not have a bad shot, this violet garment tentativelies… woman, should be a mother that changes the world… haw, month by month of wind of violet garment faery, matchless of gest of faery of fokelore violet garment, the Gong Qifeng austral the sword emperor of the first sword spelled that so-called the world old order also gets the better of her to be enrolled partly nevertheless, besides Na Gongjian emperor also has my dad to be able to hit a deuce with her constrainedly only… “

“Etc, your dad? ! ” south palace castellan is becoming aware feel too ashamed to show one’s face, wish there is mousehole to let his be gotten below the foot, listen suddenly ‘ my dad ‘ ground of Ceng of 2 words immediately stand again, at the same time the station rises still wind month by month follows chamberlain, 3 people almost all with one voice.

White garment man was frightened jump, thinking was to meet personal enemy.

“Boy, what do you call the name? ” south the mouth enquires Gong Qifeng.

“I call eaves day to chase a star ” white garment man answers.

“~ of eaves ~ day chases ~ star… ” silent of wind month by month read aloud a few times, brows is small knit, be like pondering hard, “What won’t your dad also call eaves day then? ” wi[……]

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Thirtieth 7 chapters I cannot fin香港万花楼楼凤d even the excuse that blames you

” world of net king different ” small Suo Zhiqi stars / , this chapter in all 1645 words, update at: 2020-10-09 08:19

The door of exercise room is shut, the become silent in house come down

“Benefit sauce, I “

“Morning, what you pull is really good! I also should try hard, hard! ” the laugh that 1000 generation try hard, the as if nothing happened of effort

“Benefit sauce, I am not intended ” the garment role that plays her eastward

An anonymous fire rises, 1000 acting face about come, brandish opens her hand.

“Be! You are not intended, you are not intended! You are not intended!!

“Because you are not intended,be, I just so kink, I ability is so afflictive! ” 1000 generation come out with force growl, already was to burst into tears however.

She crouchs a private parts, bury the face into him knee. “I cannot find even the excuse that blames you. “I cannot find even the excuse that blames you..

Her whats were done, everything still is for her. She knows, also look clearly, but, how can be she accepted.

She was defended so long, so long, she climbs so hard, so desperately, feel obviously be about get at. But, but

Still be final before her in that way bit by bit run, she wants to prevent be not prevented.

She defended so long peach, do not want her!

She should be picked not easily very much, but, finally, still missed!

Lian Xuechang also does not choose her, also cannot see her!

She so the station of effort arrives before him, what stand is so close.

Why, why, still do not wear quite?

Why, why, cannot still see her?

“Benefit sauce! “Benefit sauce!!

“Do not call me! I know, your what for me, but, but, you also destroyed my hope finally however, you know not to know! Know not to know! Know not to know!!

“Your whats were done, the person that likes you is increasing however, geoscience of slash ministry adult, birch is long, bear sufficient elder to connect bell wood minister to also be moved by you now. Obviously I know bell wood to learn to grow first.

How had not you tried hard almost, had not wanted to want to take the first even. But finally, the first still is you however!

Obviously I just am for grade the first desperately a that!

Drilled 8 years the person of the violin is me obviously, but, learn to grow more favorite however pulled 2 months only you!


Why I so hard, to finally, is winning still you?

I feel I resemble a fool, jest now.

Do you know! Do you know!!

“Benefit sauce, my ~ “

East looks at her, in pitch-black double eye, harbour became full tear. She can feel her feeling, experience her to must struggle, experience her helpless, experience her despair, but this she does not want, why to become such?

Very afflictive,

Very afflictive

She does not want this!

Hitting an exercise to surpass slash ministry with the player, in the heart dash forward one painful, an unusually afflictive feeling rises from the bottom of the heart.

Outside field, the birch land that watchs game the look that to going up he sees, nod, see the way to exercise room.

Violent wind of slash ministry instant rises,




Inside 1 minute,

The match ended!

After leaving tennis court till he and birch ground, everybody has not been answered from inside astonish the god comes.

Is this ability the head of a department’s real actual strength? ? ?

Too horrible! ! !

Blueness learns

Circling a circle to run together with everybody not 2, complexion one white, on the side of fall back on.

Not peak country castle audience hall

The old man of silvery white of beard and hair, open double eye slowly. Clutch points to calculate, sigh ” still had not avoided, look should go back “

“You go away, I do not become a friend with you again. ” 1000 generation open east to extend the hand that come over again.

Experience her the mood with complex afflictive kink, the packs up oneself musical instrument with final and silent east, of head of one pace bout walked out of exercise room.

Close the door of exercise room, oriental morning has flashy spellbound. Should she go?

“Small morning! “Small morning!!


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” cosmic princess of Xie Luoli ” of the dream love butterfly / , this chapter in all 1033 words, update at: 2020-02-22 19:48

Astral art: “My really truly, not be true Xie Luoli faery, but I am recalled Li princess gifted life, the princess that recall Li said, I now is true Xie Luoli faery. ” go up Guan He: “You are, xin? ” Han Xin: “Crane, I see you eventually. ” Jin Lian: “Astral art, hello, I call Jin Lian, come along with me, still have Luo Li, peacock, jasmine, bright color, hei Xiangling. ” astral art: “I knew. ” Han Xin: “Crane, I feel, had the protection that recalls Li, still be no good, I must go inn of Xie Luoli baby. ” go up Guan He: “Hum, you must go really inn of Xie Luoli baby, after classes are over, I accompany you to go together. ” Han Xin: “Good. “Good..


Wen Qian: “But want,steal a thing by school discharge, wang Mo, I see you how do. ” Han Xin and go up Guan He after hiding in the door, see Wen Qian puts his mobile phone in Wang Mo’s desk. Han Xin: “(crane, can you hear me to talk? ) ” go up Guan He: “(I can hear, how? ) ” Han Xin: “(we a little while well full this she, good? ) ” on Guan He see Wen Qian, “(good, I very agree with this idea. ) ” Han Xin: “Our foregone. “Our foregone..

Attend class afternoon

Wen Qian: “Teacher, my mobile phone was lost. ” teacher: “Wen Qian’s classmate, where are you put? ” Wen Qian: “I am put in my desk, result midday the time of noon break, did not have. ” teacher: “I make a telephone call. ” at the moment, ring of a music rang from Wang Mo’s table, teacher: “Wang Mo’s classmate, why can there be a mobile phone in your desk? ” Han Xin stand up, “Teacher, I feel, not should so treat unjustly Wang Mo’s classmate. ” teacher: “Han Xin classmate, your what meaning? ” Han Xin: “Midday noon break when coming back, my He Heer sees, it is Wen Qian’s classmate puts his mobile phone in the desk of Wang Mo’s classmate. ” Wen Qian: “Your bullshit. ” go up Guan He: “Teacher, I also saw. ” Wen Qian: “Why should I put my mobile phone in Wang Mo’s table? ” Han Xin: “Why do you want to put, we arrive is not to know. ” Wang Mo: “I was not stolen really, I was not stolen really. ” the Luo Li that hides in the box, “(this individual is too bad also, often bully host, I must return master innocence, xie Luoli blackart, have an insight into the truth. ) “

After ten minutes

Luo Li: “(she is too bad also, xie Luoli blackart, speak truth. ) ” Wen Qian: “Teacher, actually, it is I put the mobile phone in the desk of Wang Mo’s classmate. (Why I can speak out the fact. ) ” Wang Mo: “Why should be you done so? ” Wen Qian: “(Wang Mo, you are waiting to me. ) ” peacock: “Xie Luoli blackart, the kiss of the peacock, confessional heart. ” Wen Qian: “I often copy exercise, my hair is not to coil naturally actually, iron however. ” teacher: “Went, wang Mo, you sit down first, wen Qian, you write the self-criticism of a 800 words to give me. We continue to attend class. We continue to attend class..

Wen Qian returns a seat to go up, “(abhorrent, wang Mo, I won’t let off you. ) ” astral art: “(still do not have complete confess. ) ” Jin Lian: “(astral art, do not want to start work. ) ” astral art: “(I must teach her a lesson well next time certainly. ) ” Jin Lian: “(this individual, can you become queenly at hand? Elder brother, where are you now? ) “


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The 5t湾仔楼凤兼职h chapter eats clever snake egg

” fly after rising, I should eat in celestial being bound sow ” She Liuxian / , this chapter in all 2008 words, update at: 2020-10-01 14:26

Mo Yao just saw her coolly however, not verbal, a little small even what cannot check is vinegary.

Na Congqing jubilates ground outpace comes, seeing the Lin Yueyao behind Mo Yao however, at once complexion changes, mood not to be pooh-poohed: “How be you? “How be you??

The issue that hurts Xiaobai has not calculated!

Lin Yueyao still does not have there’s still time to talk, the eyes of blueness of a long hollow piece of jade with rectangular sides changed her hand to the egg in, she complexion is immediately pale, the response that the clever snake that goes up personally compares her really is big still, rose to kill suddenly meaning, come down quickly from her body, show poison fang to be raided to Lin Yueyao.

Lin Yueyao where has preparation, below the foot one soft, the arm bore fruit to be bitten.

Clever snake appears to still be not satisfied, take out poison fang to develop the past to her neck suddenly again!

Immediately of Lin Yueyao double pupil magnifies, biting painful meaning comes over, next bigger risk arrived to very close again between!

Now.. , part of an aureate law is rapid go at clever snake, clever snake is extremely painful, nearly sob ground is by condole in sky.

Blueness of a long hollow piece of jade with rectangular sides also reacted right now come over, see clever bestow favor on agonal about, complexion is pale, look at Mo Yao at once, path of beg for mercy: “The god on Mo Yao, do not hurt it, it at ordinary times very docile! It at ordinary times very docile!!

Small frown of brows of Chinese ink Monarch Yao, it is to carry hand, aerial law part is abreaction, clever snake declines crouching bitterly to the ground.

Blueness of a long hollow piece of jade with rectangular sides feels distressed so that be no good, hasten the spirit that goes seeing oneself is bestowed favor on.

Lin Yueyao still is done not have however from inside fright delay crosses a god to come, be stupefied in place, binocular enlarge, until those who hear blueness of a long hollow piece of jade with rectangular sides is accuse she ability delay crosses a god to come.

“What is what you know you eat! ” green glare of a long hollow piece of jade with rectangular sides became red eye, there still is wounded clever snake in the bosom.

Some send Lin Yueyao muddled, is she to a few eggs eat?

Blueness of a long hollow piece of jade with rectangular sides is extremely angry, however attend to is worn Mo Yao is attendant, gas gets gnash: “That is the egg of my home Xiaobai! ” the clever snake in her bosom also follows sob, it is to be in it seems that assentation her word.

Xiaobai? Clever snake? Is what she eats anguine egg? ! Be still a clever snake egg?

Was finished, lin Yueyao pharynx pharynx saliva, him intuition should be over.

Probably the body is to want to assentation her idea, she feels an algidity in the abdomen is vacated immediately, from inside the abdomen cool to finger tip.

“I do not know. ” she replies slowly, feel top-heavy only, drop ahead suddenly go…


Lin Yueyao is subliminal feel, ahead is a white, her cent is not clear where is this, be celestial being bound? Be still the world?

The wind snow that blot out the sky and cover up the earth comes over, the feeble garment unlined upper garment on her body does not keep out this chill at all, leng Dejiu, carrying even the head a kind heavy and faint the feeling that go up, gradually she begins to see not clear ahead, eyelid heavily give away goes, also do not open again…

She drops into suddenly muddleheaded in, everything all round looks not clear also feel do not wear, be one windy. She is afraid of again unbearably again, do not know this whereaboutldirection where, now.. , a bundle of light is illuminated from the top of head come down, all over iciness uses up number to be smoked to work, the blood in the body boils afresh again rise, a in the pubic region effective power that do not know where and comes around move she moves ceaselessly, let her warm all over rise…

“Go up god, celestial being honour, the person woke. The person woke..

Lin Yueyao opened an eye slowly, look place is reached is new bed account book, faint An Hun is sweet, and —

A lot of person!

Lin Yueyao Jing sits and rise, lose one’s head the ground looks at the person before.

The god on Mo Yao, into Yuan Xianzun[……]

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21 wound香港小姐兼职ed disadvantage

” cannon fodder daughter deserves not to want to become a full member ” road shaddock snow / , this chapter in all 2601 words, update at: 2020-09-24 06:30

The thing that Lin Xi gets hurt is passed very quickly in the ear of sunlighting clouds.

When sunlighting clouds comes, Lin Xi is drinking drug, whole Gu Dou ejaculation a fish felt the spunk that comes from Shi Zutao day.

“Who is dry. ” sunlighting sky is cold one face asks, in grand this world the clique connects his child to dare be harmed.

“Do not have a thing, oneself fall. ” Lin Xi does not think Cang Lan to have an accident, oneself throw say intentionally.

Sunlighting clouds nature does not believe, his line of sight falls in additionally two men in the room, on Cang Lan and white ease body.

“You say. ” he asks Xiang Canglan.

Cang Lan one person works one person is become, when preparing a station to come out to admit…

“Do not involve his issue! ” Lin Xi first say, she dare not look at the eye of sunlighting clouds, lop eye eye: “Begged you not to ask a master worker. ” she does not want to let Cang Lan be fed up with her, who did the mood with Lin Xi cool Bei hold the post of to understand the metropolis is softhearted.

“Good, often sunlight, small sunlight do not want to say, you also were left alone. ” Xiao Bai also is persuading aside.

The anger on sunlighting clouds body is gradually abreaction also: “That goes back along with me. ” it is minor injury only fortunately, he is brought back going eating some of red medicine to rest well is.

“Be no good! “Be no good!!

Sunlighting clouds is preparing to hold Lin Xi in the arms, was prevented by a junior however, as external door child, ambulating at will in other school is incorrect originally, nowadays is to bunt more elder, sunlighting clouds gets angry with respect to the thing that gets hurt because of Lin Xi originally, this Bai Yi bumps on muzzle just about, except Xiao Bai dissolved his attack, be afraid of is Bai Yi should be explained today here.

“Often sunlight, fasten first excited, I am prentice and likely it is to have other meaning. Ease, follow sunlighting elder quickly to explain. ” ? White ease of desolate cypress signal speaks a Ling Yuxiao’s satisfactory result rapidly.

Which have Bai Yi what is other plan, he just just knew Lin Xi just is him the savior when, still did not have manage clear main threads of an affair to stop, but once Lin Xi returned merciless peak to consider good-bye range,he knows but difficult, the abode with presbyterial clique of town of clique of grand this world nevers mention it this door child, he this external door is more cannot optional pass in and out.

“Just that senior fellow apprentice of younger sister of division of forest of make a diagnosis and give treatment says, lin Shimei needs observation, so apprentice it is good to feel temporary to let Lin Shimei stay to be compared here. ” Bai Yi’s priggish say, it seems is to replace Lin Xi consider really: “If the hand coming forth in large numbers before I believe to sunlight of course, lin Shimei’s injury is medicine is divided to disease for certain, but Lin Shimei is hurt not again, the child that I feel to make here professional will treat but, also just can make Lin Shimei much take a rest. ” while he speaks highly of sunlighting clouds, also expressing also is for Lin Xi so good.

“That goes. ” sunlighting clouds looks accepted this to say decline.

“Medical crown. ” his a thousand li is passed sound what shoot Yu Gu to this is presbyterial.

Putting the red medicine of a lot of money of value of this one furnace in the medical crown of make pills of immortality, come immediately pay a formal visit sunlighting clouds. Sunlighting clouds enjoins him to must take care of good Lin Xi, gave him encyclopedia of a make pills of immortality, the refine method of red of a few antediluvian gods is completely above this. Curious light is about to put immediately in strong medical crown key point, resemble seeing hungry wolf of the flesh.

“Rest well. ” enjoin, sunlighting clouds goes forward to be stroked gently on Lin Xi’s head.

Lin Xi feels a powerful effective power infuse her body, wounded muscle arteries and veins immediately not so ached.

“Thank a master. ” she is red face is bashful path.

Just take the medical effect that go down to begin show effect, lin Xi feels some were stranded, everybody disturbs Lin Xi to rest no longer, walk out of a room in succession. Sunlighting clouds and Xiao Baixian answered merciless peak, cang Lan and white ease still stand in door mouth.


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13 measure 香港桑拿足浴论坛clever root

” cannon fodder daughter deserves not to want to become a full member ” road shaddock snow / , this chapter in all 3587 words, update at: 2020-09-21 23:45

This world sends this grand as 3 gates, main by 12 peaks one cereal is comprised, among them 9 peaks one Gu You is presbyterial with palm door assume personal command.

It is to go up respectively Yuan Feng — yuan empty palm door, green jade falls peak — Wu Yun is presbyterial, chi Luanfeng — Jiang Xin is presbyterial, religious discipline peak — Heng Huang exacting is presbyterial, qiu Lingfeng — Mu Yao is presbyterial, qu Panfeng — Gu Ming is presbyterial, yin Qiao — peak Gu Yan is presbyterial, wu Yanfeng — Qin Mu is presbyterial, lark peak — department sky is presbyterial, cereal ejaculation a fish — medical crown is presbyterial.

Have merciless peak additionally, by defend a style presbyterial sunlighting clouds honour live.

Remaining two peaks to ask a peak is to offer inside the place that door pupil learns, the big ring that uses with the place when dining room and school communication. 9 mountain peak is external door child can step enough place exclusively at will, have collect books cabinet and a Pan Longda, pan Longda can be built for outstanding child base, of knot red with, the place that at the same time child gets the task and drug of clever stone red — 1000 laws hall, also be here.

And at the moment the examinee of those introductions all gathers in ask a peak, ask to there is to measure clever stone tremendously in school doorway on path peak, can measure the clever root that gives holder.

Palm door and each peak are presbyterial all sit before the school, their sweep is worn these newcome child people, this 69 people, somebody jubilates, somebody is excited, somebody is depressed, those depressed nature are to was not taken an examination of inside the door person, this also is the thing that does not have method, after all the 3rd closing is talk by actual strength. Mix into external door right now inside the person of the door parts and stand, can see clear personnel distributing.

Hold letters and brush to appear as a white garment man, check clever root to begin.

It is first most begin from external door, external door place goes directly after external door basically was measured administer, to external door presbyterial newspaper has but.

“Wang Er. “Wang Er..

Of this name and Lin Xi name means some close, who is Lin Xi still is thinking, see only just had grabbed Cang Ao so thin that follow the teenager with a general monkey, stood from inside the crowd. Right now Wang Er face still resembles a pig head same, bring immediately full-court the whole room burst into laughter, luckily Wang Er is shameless, laugh, laugh, he can be entered sooner or later inside of the door.

He puts the hand on clever stone, carry effective power.

“Wind fire earth 3 spirit root, experienced gas 6 rank, year 15. Year 15..

It is 3 spirit root unexpectedly, although be 3 spirit,the root also is 3 kinds of pretty good clever roots however, OK and complementary, experienced gas 6 rank repair embarrassed the Yu Jian that before blaming, wants to grab Cang Ao, the Yu Jian that also grabs Cang Ao only really just can have an opportunity to enter inside the door, pass through with Lin Xi nevertheless in light of the experience of many worlds, this person will surely be entered inside the door, after all he can be a playboy.

Next without what external door child is good-looking, after all Lin Xi also does not know them, external door 34 people, basically not be 3 spirit root, it is 4 spirit root, now and then gave a Shuang Linggen, it is to belong to the clever root that closes however, much without rouse flood is beautiful, detect very quickly entirely.

“Cang Ao. “Cang Ao..

Of the name that families status one is called inside is Cang Ao, detect to make the first inside door child Cang Ao is a little small excited. Trip of within an inch of, did not make a spectacle of oneself fortunately.

He is very self-confident put the hand.

“Wind fire Shuang Linggen, experienced gas 6 rank, year 12 “

Shuang Linggen also is very pretty good, 12 years old 6 rank also be outstanding, and still be dark green family.

“Gu Ming, this child falls like your door how. ” since Gu Ming wants to receive child, yuan empty does an a favor done at little cost to oneself.

“Good, good. ” Gu Minglian nods repeatedly, laughed the flesh on the face is crowdedly to arrive one case, beck of his Xiang Cangao, let him come over to call a master worker, he already very long confiscate room chil[……]

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Thirtieth 7 chapters big en香港红磡楼凤ding

” the Ma Linglong that deadlocked makes an appointment with ” Bai Jinshu / , this chapter in all 1220 words, update at: 2021-01-15 01:36

Ma Xiaoling all along is a person with full, glib self-confidence, who can be guessed, she when beginning to talk about love with Kuang Tianyou, always can be by bare of the Gong Er that get a face speaks in the middle of gold.

It is close Chinese ink of one takes on the color of one’s company probably person black, ma Xiaoling follows in the middle of gold long, eloquence ameliorated!

Because at every turn is successful,be done not have and feel empty, what became Ma Xiaoling because of her is prentice.

That day, say of equestrian exquisite aloud: “Tian Na! Today is a dream a day when come true! Tenderer than having handsome husband returns a glad responsibility! Tenderer than having handsome husband returns a glad responsibility!!

Ma Xiaoling laughs: “Your means, am I more important than your husband? Am I more important than your husband??

“Cough! “Feigned cough sound is transmitted from Ma Linglong’s back, make her correct oneself immediately: “The master is admittedly important, but my sweetheart just is the person that I love most of course! But my sweetheart just is the person that I love most of course!!

“Do obeisance to division the first day do you say this kind of word to me? “Ma Xiaoling speaks.

Saying lightly aside in the middle of gold: “Who is also knowing everyday busy Tan Lian loves, throw the job to me! Throw the job to me!!

Kuang Tianyou pats his shoulder, ask: “Do you have an opinion now? “Do you have an opinion now??

“Not! “His hand is broken in the middle of gold, say: “Dare not have an opinion! “Dare not have an opinion!!

The some day after a year, it is lucky day allegedly, be in last few years in a day when suit to marry most!

Ma Linglong is in this day with Nick want to break oneself into a few people to use continuously busy!

Ma Xiaoling and Kuang Tianyou, Shanbenyifu and king precious precious, gold is counteracting small blueness, choose same day to marry, do wedding together!

But partner man and a matron of honour have Ma Linglong to follow Nick only two people! Still have mountain originally this future and hall realize really originally, but hill did not have pregnancy originally, abdomen is too big!

“Regretted! “Ma Linglong grouses: “Early know not to follow you so quickly to marry! “Early know not to follow you so quickly to marry!!

Nick laughs: “Did not regret medicine eats, wife! Wife!!

Feeling character:

The hero is not him certainly, also be her likely, it is you or likely more, still be it likely!

I like Chen Shisan very much this playwrite, make an appointment with besides < deadlocked > besides, he still has a lot of very good work, for example the < handsome female ghost previously > the blue blood person with < Wei Sili > etc.

I have before arrive alertly, the mark of day of sword of thill of teleplay < a small room > be his playwrite, this one is sword of thill of < a small room > in exclusive I feel quite good-looking still. The < that still has the near future is extraordinary > of 3 a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, I also am to look at a heat, ability disclosure playwrite is Chen Shisan.

His actor’s lines always has very much energy, make the person believes and safeguard justice, call a person to believe the force of belief, call a person to believe a friend!

Remember < deadlocked making an appointment with > there is a paragraph to make up in the actor’s lines of 3 a pithy formula, I feel quite comical at that time, is a male playwrite from where know this paragraph of a pithy formula?

I guess later, or ” of his wife ” Ma Xiaoling tells him!

Ma Xiaoling is the hero in my dream, and the author of this part became Ma Xiaoling the hero in reality. I feel happy, those who be her is lucky, with him lucky, their happiness makes me feel actual the world is hopeful still.

Ten years, I make an appointment with 3 < deadlocked > looked ten times from A to Z. Because I am inside very long time, think dead like Kuang Tianyou. And see when me he flows at the same time when tear saves the world at the same time, I feel, if do not die, like probably the opportunity can follow him, find a good friend, save the world together!

I also hope I am OK as firm as Ma Xiaoling, keep back tear, do not care about others how to look, do oneself!

I th[……]

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The 5 ladder t香港兼职女hat ascend celestial being

” cannon fodder daughter deserves not to want to become a full member ” road shaddock snow / , this chapter in all 3237 words, update at: 2020-09-19 07:35

3 in the future, several people gathered below the hill that grand this world sends, these people all attend assessment, although the identity each different, but all be to want to check the school that repair celestial being, become the person of a person that repair celestial being. However the possibility that so much person can study this world that enter grand finally to send does not pass 100 people. Can enter among them inside of the door, a pair of hands count the likelihood to come over, and can become nominative disciple, can have pretty good.

Lin Xi is to did not think of he wants to answer school to be returned so that take an examination of again try.

A few paths that had not trodden celestial being of attend in a advanced studies are wanting to dally with gentlewoman, cang Ao as a child yearning justice, naturally goes doing the business of this kind of defend sb against an injustice, he is bright out first personal identity, boreal swallow country 2 emperor child, but capacity of the other side is not small also, the world that is tribute Qiang country child, be about the same on the identity, nature is to should try skill.

A practice is enraged 5 rank, a practice is enraged 4 rank, hit frame come and without what good-looking, because two people are wealthy person,do not pass, the of course of a magic weapon that takes is not little, draw a flock of people very quickly surround view, even somebody showed greedy scene, lin Xi shoot a glance at is proud to dark green of those a few covet the person of a magic weapon, dark green is proud this is to was stared at to go up, also do not know this bub to still have how many baby, cannot showing money. Before doing not have very actual strength, possessing too much a magic weapon is not what favour, assure safety while, also brought risk.

Lin Xi is held accuse to not have extremely part two people.

“Who be? Disturb father. Disturb father..

The world of tribute Qiang country child sword be flyinged to interrupts Wu Tian an action, confounded falls on the ground, and across Cang Ao is helped up by Lin Xi, firm station is worn, cang Ao holds a head high haughtily, go out to Wu Tianlou in the eye sneer at. A few attendant of Wu Tian immediately Wu Tian uprear.

“Bold, do you know who this is? Dare make our life child, you did not drive sb. to his death. ” young join a regular shift or class of Wu Tian is made is to follow Wu Tianyao be used to of Wu Yang power, in the talk a lot of nonsense before the gate that repair celestial being is sent, pointing to Lin Xi and Cang Ao.

Lin Xi receives a sword: “Everybody, now is the introductory assessment that grand this world sends, still leave some of effort to be on assessment. Still leave some of effort to be on assessment..

“Hum, this world child the thing that should taking grand this world is every minutes of minute bell, I persuade you to fall on my knees this world child lick a shoe. I persuade you to fall on my knees this world child lick a shoe..

It is a noble together, this Wu Tianming is shown and Cang Ao is not a class, the conversation that it is a person can be extremely savage really. Transmit chuckle from inside the crowd, taking sneer at triflingly, wu Tian thinks originally is Lin Xi those who give out is derisive, not be however, he everywhere look around is worn, looking is who dare laugh at him, discovering that audio origin finally eventually is to result from the top of head.

He raises a head, the man that sees this world of two dress grand is subdued only is establishing Yu Feijian over.

“Discipline of small off year, be like this tone, do not know to repair be geometry. ” the man that left the corner of the eye has mole of a tear asks disdainfully.

“I saw you have 15, long to do not have this less than you boy however tall. ” in the bound that repair celestial being, be in charge of you to be between this world what extraction, only actual strength just is good sense.

Wu Tian must be hated again by humiliate of this one word angry, do not say to give the word that what refutes however. Although he wriggles again,also know oneself after all whether to take an examination is completely on these two hands, he dare attract the person that joins assessment at will, but these people he is complete not dare, can go down internal heat pharynx only, however although low first, his eyes as before very fierce.

Qing Su and Wang Rui are this assessment bring passerby, although two people are external door child, also be the top existence in[……]

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99 chapters: Be stupefied, the p香港楼凤宫lot of pirate

” campus life of Miruisi is new ” Po of medical Wang Hu Yours Excellency / , this chapter in all 2570 words, update at: 2021-01-16 20:04

She cannot think of completely, pirate ambuscades early unexpectedly was in here! It is the person calculates as expected calculate as the day, weisike this one action is too mean!

Original, weisike and Europe compare an organization together hind, girl of that dawdle head gave an idea to them, this idea makes a person want to want to be less than really really!

Above all, they make Ares allied pass through after here, the person that organizes large quantities of one admirable elite pirate and evil spirit again next also gives conveyed here, ambuscade the certain corner in the earth, the purpose is to monitoring the earth produces everything!

Back-to-back, they what can corrode popular feeling ” corrode medicinal powder ” adherent was in on human food, let those eat to contain corrode the alimental mankind that come loose to be their devote one’s life to, and these people are not others, be the overseas Chinese of United States of those a few high levels with summerly familial family name!

On their hand corrode coming loose is a kind of poison, can not give human life, the thought that just can control a person and action just, be equivalent to is baby of a puppet holds the post of a person to order about, use nevertheless much also can cause very great harm to the body, nod a likelihood badly to still can have life risk.

They still made up in these a few person tracker and detectaphone, the earth the outside and in of highest organization gives it is clear to was felt, they begin immediately acted.

Once highest organization releases the earth any the message about protecting the earth and plan, they are met ground of try every means destroys them, they are used likewise corrode come loose to give poisonous wither the plant, return excessive to kill innocent, throw the cadaver meat of those smell that be gotten by processing on the driveway, cause human panic then!

Next, their recycle those jackass kind, to the earth highest organization starts put on a show of force, and inform against appear among them inside ghost, to in those days, international police station is sure meeting outpace will investigate, they are taken the advantage of at that time the earth the person with one action of highest organization and international police station is eliminated!

Common saying says, capture a thief first king, the earth the person of highest organization and international police station destroys, calm meeting causes the panic of world each district, so the heart that they can have guard. To at that time, they go out Ares alliance to disclose again, showing Ares alliance is exotic organisms, everything frame sb gives Ares alliance, let all world people let them go dead!

Demon the dead cannot give witness, to moment Xia Yi is troubled by again according to them rise, also do not have any evidence explains Ares alliance is injustice, contrary themselves returns the upper part of the body of meeting ask for trouble!

Must say, the idea of that dawdle girl, even taller than average person!

“Brush… ” summer is supple broke readily, this dawdle girl how so crafty, this kind of method gives be thought out! As expected this adversary is bad to make do, she must want caution in the future a bit.

“Still have, they fall corrode the action that comes loose to have transmission to the plant, a tree is corroded, so the tree all round it also can be corroded accordingly, go down according to this appearance, earthly tree can be corroded sooner or later! ” destiny goddess says a bit furiously, she also does not have expect that dawdle girl can play so, be their carelessness after all.

“What can their purpose be… ” summer is supple and contemplative, they look at Ares alliance and Meng Yu clean silently they, they knew what to produce far from, talking so is best choice!

Abrupt, xia Yi shines according to the eye, what to think of seemingly, “What do they corrode bad, should corrode tree unluckily… etc! Arboreous… “

Although clean of feather of the first month listens not to understand what they say, but also gave a few remind, “Supple, what meaning is corroding tree? Although I am unidentified white, but I want to say, the tree can absorb oxygen of carbon dioxide expiration… “

“Right! ” the suddenly be enlightened when Xiayiyidu, “Won’t they want to reduce the oxygen of our earth through this? Open what fun! Open what fun!!

“But, tree… have this function only seemingly ah… ” the cold sweat that a surname Jing Xue brushs a head to go up, do[……]

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97 chapters: Uncover secret iden香港夜网论坛tity ①

” campus life of Miruisi is new ” Po of medical Wang Hu Yours Excellency / , this chapter in all 2842 words, update at: 2021-01-16 20:02

“Be supple! ” depend on in Xia Yi when wanting puissant and cleared virus, clean of feather of the first month likes the sound like demon then from passed outside the door.

Finish one second, ‘ phut ‘ the ground, the door by rudely kick leaves, there are countless people outside the door.

“I am brushed… ” summer is supple a cold sweat falls on the head, look at the person outside the door without language ground, is this to should work? How does a pair of so earnest look look at her?

Xia Yi is depended on not urgent, go from left number, it is the person of understanding completely, hum, have Meng Yu snow of pacify of clean, a surname, on Guan Reqing, Ouyang Huilin, Eely…

Well? How is the person sense on the side of Eely so ripe? Tian Na! Battle… Ares is allied!

“Supple, that… be to I am sorry really, this… ” Meng Yu clean laughs a bit guiltily, write on the face full ” awkward ” two big character, she also does not think one big early with respect to kick door…

“What do you come over their belt to work? Be to want to see look of my that person in all of anger sleep appearance? ” Xia Yi according to a piece of cold face.

Common she returns this time to did not wake, blame Roger’s captain, faze her good dream!

“Not be of course… bah bah, where does the topic pull, coming this is to have what major issue should tell you… ” on snow of a surname pacify before, went to Xiayiyila at the same time, in her whisper of side side light tone is worn.

“What? Do you tell Ares alliance your capacity? ” do not know what Xue Zaixia of a surname pacify said by the side of supple ear, summer is supple after listening, jumped directly, that side person that both hands is inserting a waist to staring at snow of a surname pacify and back ferociously.

Laotian is wild, grant her a 5 thunder bang the top killed them to calculate…

“Hid the truth from so long, more look for what is more,the rather that they already make known to lower levels informed, our identity lets them know also just as well. ” on of Guan Reqing is cold one Zhang Meili unsurpassed cheek, relative to Yu Murong Jing Xue is mixed clean of feather of the first month, guan Reqing appears very sober at the moment on.

“Be, and coming over person belt also is to look for meaning… ” Ouyang Huilin inserted a word malcontently also, is becoming them really ordinary mortal only? Groan…

“Hey, since the person came, it is clear that I let dingdong explain all everything, dingdong ah… alas my Mom! ” Xia Yi depends on helpless sweat, face about wants to let dingdong give them an explanation.

The body that who tells to jingle had begun to become stone to resemble from crural ministry —

“Dingdong… inside… memory library is damaged… suspicion… be… it is an architect… intended… broken… bad… ” the sound of dingdong is desultory, and petrochemical speed also begins to accelerate slowly.

“The most important C dish with D dish be damaged? ” summer is supple enquiring calmly as far as possible, the program of dingdong is begun by her, say normally should not wrong, but why…

“Not… have… damage… ” the below half body of dingdong is already complete by petrifaction, “Please… take out dingdong… … C dish… with D dish all… data… “

“Dingdong, are you mad? ” Ou Yangfeng hears dingdong so say, stood immediately, it is on the face those who cannot conceal is anxious with concern, ” C dish with D dish take, that you not… “

“Dingdong… do not be afraid of… ” dingdong has an even uglier than laughing smiling expression, “Force… take out C dish with D dish… forcibly… close machine… “

The hand annulus of shallow blue shined, dingdong disappears disappear, there are two small memory cards silently on desk, that is C dish with D dish full data.

“The memory library of dingdong besides supple and the programming of the others person can destroy besides, the person of the others can let dingdong impossibly be harmed at all, unless… have inside ghost! ” Jiang Zihan is being analysed calmly.

“Dingdong was designed so long since, never still appear cross petrochemical phenomenon, this affirmation is caused artificially. ” Duanmu Chenye assentationed.

“Without giving thought to, read a material first, next redo final conclusion, as to open C dish with D dish needs password gives deciduous leaf will defeat interpret! ” Sima Yize is saying, in the hand much th[……]

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