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Philippine sign with the United States of purpose enter American market in order to make its better from trade agreement

­   is occupied " Philippine star signs up for " reported on July 17, philippine planning to promote a new point of view phenanthrene beauty bilateral relation: System of the oldest economy signs this whole world of hope and Un重庆夜网论坛ited States free trade agreement. ­   occupies a story, last week commerce invests framework agreement (on TIFA) conference, does a place of strategic importance of assistant of minister of Philippine trade the Ministry of Works in feudal China expend li of Nuo? Do Lu Daofu and American ass武汉夜生活论坛istant commerce represent Barbara? Er of power a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument meets. Lu Daofu expresses, agreement of bilateral free trade indicates the move is Philippine next development with American business relation. ­   Lu Daofu says: “It is to pass no matter ” cross agreement of concern of Pacific Ocean associate ” (TPP) , still make through strengthening Pu Hui (of GSP) carry out, philippine the market admittance that strengthens pair of United States of purpose, this is our main goal all the time. But because the United Stat佛山夜网论坛es is TPP member no longer重庆夜生活论坛, we enter American market remnant two kinds of methods — strengthen what Pu Hui makes to carry out, and this also is the; that we are doing all th长沙夜品茶网e time another kind of method establishs bilateral trade agreement with the United States namely. " ­   Lu Daofu says, in this conference, the United States just expresses to its, compare changeful or area agreement, the United States’ current trade policy suits to promote bilateral agreement more. He expresses, the United States will continue research and Philippine reach the possibility from trade agreement. He expresses ­   , difference of the economic logic of market dimensions, agreement, policy, or it is policy consistency, it is to reach the crucial factor that wants a consideration from trade a114夜网论坛greement. ­   Lu Daofu says, “If policy difference is too big, negotiate will very difficult. But we had solved major problem, for example intellectual property and labor 114夜网论坛are examined, policy difference has been reduced. " the issue that respect of ­   United States basically considers also is being solved in. Make progress in view of these, lu Daofu says: “Both sides has the base that reachs good negotiation result ” . (The exercitation compiles: Wu Yun goes over a manuscript or draft: Tan Liya)[……]


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs approves American corner vaccine: Flesh of wine of vermilion gates-red-lacquered doors of wealthy homes is smelly, the road has freeze to death bone

Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on May 14 report (reporter Zhengmingda, Dong Xue) Hua Chunying of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs says 14 days, the United States just is not only on human rights problem be sanctimonious, also be such on vaccinal problem, hope United States abandons vaccinal politics holding lane, cooperate to perform real deeds more to help and support international to fight epidemic disease, make contributi武汉夜品茶网on more. That day on routine press conference, the reporter asks: According to the report, 13 days, certain state uses “ of condemnation of spokesman of beautiful the State Council the medical treatment that saves life helps, advance oneself ” of narrow politics agenda, media unscrambles this is to be aimed at China, the concern that expresses Taiwan and state of area of Honduras and other places promoted democracy of the Southern Hemisphere viewpoint of value and can develop continuously. The United States is together with big station, answer a challenge jointly. Do you have to this why to respond to? Hua Chunying says, I also see spokesman of beautiful the State Council this paragraph of word. Look beautiful just go up in human rights problem not only be sanctimonious, also be such on vaccinal problem. The United States just expresses to devote oneself to to enhance global democracy viewpoint of value repeatedly, stand together with this a little while, stand together with that again a little while, but do not know to be able to ask the United States to just be announced, which ally does the United States give how many vaccinal support to provide? American mouth 330 million, 4% w重庆夜网论坛hat occupy world total population, but already scare buying makes an appointment with vaccine of 2.6 billion agent, 1/4 what occupy global vaccine gross114夜网论坛. When just when world each country is obtained in try every means,be badly in need of vaccine, on 100 million agents are vaccinal unused in the storehouse that is in the United States. Beautiful honest officer emphasizes ceaselessly, “ United States should hold to on vaccine allocation problem preferential ” of United States of the first ”“ limits export of vaccinal raw material. This lets a person remember poem of Du Fu: Flesh of wine of “ vermilion gates-red-lacquered doors of wealthy homes is smelly, the road has freeze to death bone ” . Hua Chunying expresses, fighting epidemic disease and vaccinal problem to go up, the United States conceals cloak internally, answer faint; Swing boiler to push external duty, move line of sight, borrow epidemic situation politicize to hold lane; Alive bound fi重庆夜生活论坛ghts the moment of truth of epidemic disease, or attempt and accomplish nothing, hit a person when he is down, or opens lip service, even before period of time also is disinclined even dud cheque, tell greatly tell preferential ” of “ United States especially. The United States just just made a few gesture external recently, had not taken what action, peremptory the model that places ” of Immanuel of a pair of “ . If the United States just cares health of life of other country people really, if stand together with them sincerely, if believe the democracy that says on their mouth and rights of man really, they should consistent. Hua Chunying says, in the com佛山夜生活论坛mitment that just offers vaccine of travel of active carry out the earliest to regard the whole world as communal product. In oneself population base tremendous, vaccine supplies tight situation to fall, in square heretofore already to the whole world 160 many countries and international organization provided support of the goods and materials that fight epidemic disease, offerring constituent vaccine to 100 many countries and international organization with different kind, wait for 10 many developing countries to begin a technology to make over with chief of a tribe of couplet of Egypt, A produce with collaboration. Vaccine of group of traditional Chinese medicine obtained a world to defend an organization recently urgent use after examining and approve, advancing actively to “ new coronal ” of pneumonic and vaccinal executive plan offers seedling matters concerned. Just will continue to be in for vaccine in of the developing country can reach gender and but bu长沙夜网论坛rden sex make contribution. United Stat114夜网论坛es of “ our hope abandons vaccinal politics holding lane, cooperate to perform real deeds more to help and support international to fight epidemic disease, make contribution more. ”Original title: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs approves American corner vaccine: Flesh of wine of vermilion gates-red-lacquered doors of wealthy homes is smelly, the road has freeze to death bone[……]


Chinese women football does not have a predestined relationship 8 strong actual strength make be opposite with Italy like that blast it is a plays best game

Chinese women football does not have a predestined relationship 8 strong actual strength make be opposite with Italy like that blast it is a plays best game the station is cheating Biliaimosang on the reporter banquet of field, look at girl of Chinese women football slowly wind an a week, the place of the Five-Star Red Flag that goes up to bleachers waves bow, still be mood is made the same score hard. 28 years are la114夜网论坛in between to interview women football world cup again when, oneself mood all the time very kink. On one hand we and Chinese women football are in together, hope China women football goes further, must face reality helplessly again on the other hand: People advances more quickly than us, the adversary of Chinese women football is increasing already! No matter wish to not be willing to accept, world cup 16 strong, it is Chinese women football the area with alive bound relatively at present reasonable football. Click watch: Video of match of Italy of Vs of Chinese women football should say, chinese women football is competition ground of world cup of the France on the body appearance station with a powerful group, 4 tournaments play is normal. Fail to ascend tonight personally 8 strong, also be actual strength makes like that. The first faces powerful German group, whole group is hit sturdily defend strike back, although let adversary advance one ball, but oneself also differ lays bare door. My individual thinks this is a game that Chinese women football plays best. The 2nd to south Africa, the quadrature in the compasses in expression, but winning a ball is best ending. Whole group of the 3rd match carries out coach intent sturdily, withstood the wanton and indiscriminate bombing of Spanish team, those who took decision group to give a clue is precious a minute. In the 4th match tonight, we or the individual that more or less underestimated Italian player strike back ability, perhaps say overmeasure the individual of Chinese player defends ability, after th长沙夜网论坛rowing two balls first, although whole group offensive is like tide, but blossom only not result. If this match also regards Italian team as German team, Spain group is in that way powerful team, on the foundation that defending firm again wait for one’s chance strikes back, perhaps return can organic meeting. But the attune that if pass Gu Xiuquan to coach more than one year,does not have on the football ground teachs, progress of Chinese women football is not little, the whole that formed oneself makes a way, support group cooperates to make up for the inadequacy of individual ability, formed stronger tactical discipline sex, it is in recent years tenacious, play stabilizes fight, the group of nation of a women football with more powerful actual strength. Mount competition ground of French world cup, chinese women football makes an any powerful groups on the world not dare small gaze. Although fail finally to ascend personally 8 strong, the regret is full, but women football girls are sufficient can hold his head high leave world cup, you did not I am sorry anybody. The rose blossoms need the coming year! Chinese women football this the world cup fails further, not be I lose actually, however enemy strong. Enough of Chinese women football contends previously even battle and get the better of Europe is second-class team, wait for a team like England, France, Italy, Holand, show the progress of amazingly quick this. Alive bound cup 8 strong in, ground of European team terrorize held 7 seat. The Dou Yuangao such as level of system of foundation of football concept of Europe, green example, club, contest system, various coach at other area. Once they take seriously and be willing to part with or use throws women football, of level of group of women football nation rising is things. Compare with photograph of girl of Chinese women football, capability of European player individual is stronger, fitness, endurance erupts efficient apparent tower above prepares the brachylogy of tactics of rationality of technology of force, actual combat, movement, ability. In European team in big strides ongoing current world cup is surpassed on, gu Xiuquan and his women football girls the knockout that the group gives a clue and can dedicate to show characteristic of him ability tactics, it is good to had been done enoughly! Game of in that way as powerful as German team, Spain team group, the rhythm that experiences Chinese player apparently wants to be patted slow partly, pass a ball, run, shoot should observe and think, contrary Europe player is by intuition and details one foot passes ball and shoot more, hit a law to appear more compact, have penetration more. This is difference, should shorten is this kind of gap very d114夜网论坛ifficult? Very difficult! Because Chinese player comes for years,had formed not quite reasonable be used to with not quite efficient kickball. This is the problem that will train concept, system and method for years, gu Xiuquan can be n[……]


Country An Zhongchao is final situation of 3 rounds of leg not the look up before beautiful country brings Vs Shandong Lu Neng competition

Country An Zhongchao is final situation of 3 rounds of leg does not exceed league matches in the look up before beautiful country brings Vs Shandong Lu Neng competition finally 3 rounds it is the sprint phase that contends for a coronal, lag behind temporarily besides integral, leg is installed to the country for a little adverse also. After intermittence period returns, reneixiao’s team is greeted two even the 武汉夜品茶网guest, will be on November 22 respectively guest battle explain flower, guest battle is rich on November 27 force. Stop government-owned fight till the league matches December 1, the country installs a team to just return industry put oneself in another’s position to fight afresh, meet Lu Neng of old rival Shandong head-on. Will see the harbor on Heng Dahe of two adversary that contend for a coronal again. Because have two advocate, constant is big 3 rounds leg holds stated dominant position finally, their advocate field adversary is the harbor on Shanghai and Shanghai explain flower, only guest field c114夜网论坛ompetition is challenge Heibei an ancient name for China the 29th round. Go up harbor besides the game with guest field and big constant, additionally two rounds mix guest battle Peking Man, advocate meet course of study of Shenzhen beautiful million head-on. Explain the flower ranks integral a list of names posted up now the 11st, rich force ranks 13, these two adversary protect class not to have care basically, on Dan Guoan annulus adv114夜网论坛ocate the body is amounted to to go up in Tianjin peaceful already experience arrived to not have do not be about to have the team place that demand to present the form that give. The engage in a battle of end annulus and Lu Neng is more crucial one battle. Drive Lin Jun last time conquer Lu Neng even restrospect to on May 29, 2016, team of Xie Feng rate is in at that time guest field get victory. Engage in a battle of after this and this old rival, the country installs a team to be begged hard get the better of. Force of the sports season on the team of Schmidt presses Lu Neng to carry off sufficient assist cup champion, also be to depend on advantage of guest field goal, the cent inside time of game of and rather than gives victory or defeat. Be worth what carry is, from 2016 up to now, how has not the country been advocate had beaten Lu Neng (2016 advocate 1 than 2 lose, 2017 advocate 2 smoother than 2 battle, 2018 advocate 1 than 1 handclasp make peace) , if the be concerned about that contend for a coronal exceeds to maintain Lu Neng of decisive battle the family of the victim in a murder case in this sports season, reneixiao whether rate team captures heart demon will be crucial. (reporter Zhou Xiao) original title: Cheng of contest of 3 rounds of constant takes actor finally, does the country install battle Lu Neng to capture ” heart demon ” ? Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling[……]


Chinese women football ends assemble for training to go back to the motherland to Olympic Games preelection is surpassed or was held in June

Assemble for training of end of Chinese women football goes back to the motherland to Olympic Games preelection is surpassed or held can of Xinhua News Agency to earth up in June pull report overcame a series of difficulty, promotion in Australia on March 5 abstruse preliminary contest is add after contest, group of nation of Chinese women football ends the assemble for training that is in Sydney 5 days, set out go back to the motherland. As we have learned, after team goes back to the motherland, will disband, the staff member of team of player, drill and whole group is after the competition that experienced a many month and training task, will win adjustment time. Team general adds in the abstruse preliminary contest of Chinese women football and Korea women football build up afresh before contest. Two teams will pass two bouts at the appointed time advocate guest field match, one when contend for promotion Tokyo Olympic Games takes part in the match quota of people. Australian team and Vietnam team will contend for ticket of area of another piece of Asia. Look at present, the match program of Sino-South Korean women football still puts variable. Suffer epidemic situation effect, inferior sufficient couplet already had changed game time before this. On Feburary 28, inferior the match head round that sufficient couplet announces two lines will be held on April 9, second bout was held on April 14. Nevertheless, as we have learned, two countries is sufficient assist at present apt holds match whole delay to June, such offerring that need to get before next race window inferior the approval of sufficient couplet of sufficient couplet and international. Accordingly, the abstruse preliminary contest of two teams may be held in June. This second come to the China that Australia attends Olymp114夜网论坛ic Games preelection to surpass women football, experienced all sorts of test, be in all the time with time race, struggle with adversity. Arrived at Bulisi on January 29 the segregation that the class ent114夜网论坛ers door of local Ministry of Public Health to ask period, whole group is in time of a week left and right sides, cannot give floor, training is interrupted, bring about player body state to satisfy contest requirement very hard. But below nearly 10 days of when drill in the bishop Gu Xiuquan says namely difficulty that do not move a ball, chinese women football is in on Feburary 5 after 6 days of lift a ban, training before undertaking be surpassinged exclusively, 7 days are on the competition ground of abstruse preliminary contest. Spelling a leg soft also want interest of importunate pliable but strong to fall, before clang rose two matches are hit into 11 balls, team of beat easily Thailand and Chinese Taipei team. Face subsequently advocate fight, team of Australia of Asian rank first, chinese women football is gone against situation and on, full-court does not fall ahull, kick went out to be opposite in recent years one of games with a before the world 10 the most won武汉夜品茶网derful team. Burst open the door of wave of world of before Tang Jiali finals session in an examination 5 minutes of one foot, be about to kill mate absolutely almost. But stop in the injury when filling the 2nd minute, interest shoots Fanaimengde to be made the same score absolutely, australian team locks up calm B group finally the first. Promotion of two teams in pairs is add contest. Add contest speaks of after contest at that time when adversary, gu Xiuquan ever expressed: Be opposite actually who is same, the key is the preparation that sees his, see the play of ourselves, detail. (Bai Xu of reporter Yue Dongxing) original title: Chinese women football leaves bay go back to the motherland abstruse preliminary contest or will hold responsibility editor in June: Li Xiaoling[……]


Because division of wise man of wave black team leader hurts will absent Ou Jin to surpass a Finland and pair of Greek group games

Sarajevo of Xinhua News Agency elect114夜网论坛ric wave is black on October 7 sufficient assist government-owned network says 7 days, bishop西安夜品茶网 of group of wave black nation drills Puluoxinneisiji announces, because division of wise man of team leader of wave black group hurts will absent Ou Jin to surpass preelection Sai Bo is black two matches of a Finland and pair of Greek groups. Puluoxinneisiji says, be opposite in team of 6 days of Rome in the match of a team in Ka Liya, sagacious division is zygomatic and double fracture, will not attend wave is black this month the match of a Finland and pair of Greek groups. This a114夜网论坛ffirmation will throw into confusion our plan, dan Zhe division is met undoubtedly harder. I wish he recovers at an early date. Puluoxinneisiji says. Occupy a black media coverage additionally, sagacious division accepted an operation already successfully. The doctor says, he needs 3 to the refreshment all around time. 12 days, wave is black team general advocate meet Finnish group head-on. (reporter Zhang Xiuzhi) original title: Because sagacious division hurts absent two Ou Jin surpass preelection to surpass responsibility to edit: Li Xiaoling[……]


General view of battle array of Lol of member of honor of the person that PoohManDu joins king of group of battle of VG data VG

How is PoohManDu of general view of battle array of Lol of m114夜网论坛ember of honor of the person that does PoohManDu join king of group of battle of VG data VG joins VG to return a responsibility? Group of battle of heroic alliance VG will release personnel on December 18 fluctuant announcement, former SKT coach comprises a LEE JEONGHYEON(ID: PoohManDu) joins VG, poohManDu is SKT battle group originally the champion in S3 period is auxiliary, coach group is joined after, join the VG battle group of LPL competion area together along with Kkoma now. Below small make up brought PoohManDu to add VG detailed information, look together. PoohManDu joins VG 12 month 18 days group of battle of heroic alliance VG releases personnel fluctuant announcement, announce LEE JEONGHYEON(ID of the member that former SKT coach comprises: PoohManDu) joins VG formally. Announcement is as follows: [personnel of VG hero alliance is fluctuant announcement] the course is friendly talk things over, former SKT coach comprises a LEE JEONGHYEON(ID: PoohManDu) joins club of VG114夜网论坛 electron athletics formally, hold the position of trainer of branch of VG hero alliance. PoohManDu is returned to this afresh, we believe the PoohManDu that experiences harden oneself can set out afresh with VG, teach by right of what abound experience is brought to the youth of VG better grow. VG can be group of construction drill group to try hard, the pace of new sports season will be more steady, let us expect together! PoohManDu is group of battle of SKT of S3 world champion is auxiliary, the coach group of SKT battle group is joined again after, be by what vermicelli made from bean starch says blessing is full much, identity with battle group a长沙夜品茶网ssistant, assistance the bishop drills Kkoma undertakes battle group is built, blessing is in more completely SKT is a player, his coach at that time is Kkoma. This second LOL winter turns sessional evening, what VG announces first is the AD inside the team, iboy of the road below former EDG turns can join VG. Next what VG announces is the bishop inside the team inside experienced Kkoma and team in odd Forge broadleaf plant too wolf. Then VG still announced BLG2 team to hit wild Chieftain to join. It is Hu Jianxin of auxiliary Maestro of LNG battle group joins VG next, it is a direct model auxiliary, go on an expedition of next Iboy of sports season collocation leave a way. Still former RW bishop drills Maokai is joined hold the position of trainer, finally is Kkoma persuades Zeka of trainee of the sheet in the former KT that come over personally and the PoohManDu that joins with the identity of battle group assistant. The name of VG battle group is single now it is roughly: Coach: Player of PoohManDu of Maokai of episcopal experienced Kkoma, trainer, trainer: Go up bicycle li child, dozen wild Chieftain, medium only broadleaf plant too next wolf and Zeka, Lu Xiaozhao, auxiliary Maestro. Original title: PoohManDu joins VG is how to answer PoohManDu of Guan Xuan of group of battle of VG of thing hero alliance to join VG detail responsibility to edit: Li Xiaoling[……]


Lake person 5 Lian Shengzhan Mu this professional career compares competition ground 567 times all data is ranked the first

Lake person 5 Lian Shengzhan Mu this professional career compares competition ground 567 times all data is ranked the first on Feburary 24, triumphant Er of lake person 114-112 is special person, lake person 5 Lian Sheng, zhanmuside goes to this battle 29 minutes 8 backboard 9 secondary attack, professional career heretofore has gotten 5 bank at least 25 minutes in 567 matches 5 secondary attack, rank history the first! The Davis of lake person group gets cent and 13 32 bank, le Bulang gets 8 29 cent, backboard and 9 secondary attack, horse of library at present gets cent and 4 16 bank, howard gets cent and 7 10 bank. The Datumude of person group goes to Kaierte 41 minutes to mix 5 backboard, bulangde is mixed to 20 minutes 6 backboard, taiside is mixed to 16 minutes 9 backboard, si Ma gets cent and 7 14 bank especially, heyward gets 8 10 cent, backboard and 9 secondary attack. Advocate the lake person group that fight leaves the bureau is pretty good, le Bulang gets 5 minutes alone, b114夜网论坛uladeli hits the target 3 minutes, they precede with 12-3. Peaceful this respond to 3 minutes, braun also is broken through twice procurable114夜网论坛, person group chases after first Kaierte when still having 5 minutes to 14-16. Face about of horse of library at present jumps cast hit the target, each get a few minutes after two teams, kucima maintains feel to advance two balls again, he leads a team to end first with the attack wave of 8-0, lake person group precedes with 28-19. Datumu and Braun begin the 2nd 5 minutes together, person group chases after Kaierte to 24-28. Le Bulang guides team to respond to the small climax of 9-2 quickly, lake person group stays firmly condition. Open of tower graph Mu atttacks mode, he must be helped 9 minutes alone green army narrow difference very quickly, kucima responds to 3 minutes, datumu hits the target 3 minutes, braun two punish one in, the Kaierte when before half of a game or contest 1 minute of 50 seconds person group lags behind with 50-51. Le Bulang takes 5 minutes to end the 2nd repeatedly, lake person group precedes with 56-54 2 minutes. First half gets the Lebulang of lake person group 13 minutes, kucimade arrives 11 minutes; The Datumude of person group goes to Kaierte 19 minutes, bulangde arrives 10 minutes. 3 minutes of balls of person group are in Kaierte the 3rd firings, matt of peaceful Si Hesi drops 3 3 cent balls together, their rate group leaves with the small climax of 15-6 bureau, kaierte person group exceeds instead with 69-62. The Davis after lake person group pauses responds to 2 3 cent balls, datumu is none inferior, he connects 6 minutes, person group still maintains Kaierte 7 minutes to precede. Davis, Kucima and wave general help team 7 minutes be chased after together 79 smooth, datumu two punish backstroke, groups of 3 minutes of medium person letting a lake seize Pope again banner. Peaceful this two aggression are procurable, davis fills buckle notch, the two teams when 3 ends with make peace of 87 smooth handclasp. Conjunction of bright Ford He Taisi 5 minutes, kaierte person group is gotten again after beginning the 4th times run. Howard planted agent sends force backstroke 6 minutes, le Bulang breakthrough jumps cast hit the target, they guide team to call the small climax of a 12-4, lake person group exceeds instead with 99-96. Williams Mu this with Braun together 5 minutes, in strapping Braun 3 minutes, davis two punish completely medium, group of person of the 4th lake when still having 4 minutes of 40 seconds precedes with 104-101. Datumu maintains aggressiveness to take 4 minutes again, person group chases after Kaierte 105 smooth. Davis left wing hits the target 3 minutes, cast in Heyward procurable, bottom horn moves 3 minutes to hit the target on the right side of Braun, the Kaierte when the 4th still has 1 minute of 15 seconds person group precedes with 110-108. The aggression below Le Bulang basket is made foul, two punish one in, backboard spells the Kaierte after grabbing person group player touchs the ball a bottom line. Le Bulang right wing jumps cast hit the target, group of person of the 4th lake when still having 30.4 seconds exceeds instead with 111-110. Braun appears error, dissatisfaction sentences Shidiwensen punish get a technology to foul, regrettablly bos of Davis penalty shot. Person group grabs Kaierte to adopt foul tactics, davis two punish completely medium, group of person of the 4th lake when still having 12.3 seconds precedes with 113-110. Williams Mu this make foul two punish completely medium, kaierte person group lags behind 1 minute. Davis is fouled, two punish one in, group of person of the 4th lake when still having 6.7 seconds precedes with 114-112. Datumu is attacked to foul by insufflate, lake person gr重庆夜网论坛oup enters ball hair inside, they with 114-112 win by a narrow margin. Kaierte person group head hair battle array: Group of Simate, Braun, Datumu, Heyward, Tai Sihu’s person head hair battle array: Responsibility o[……]


Female parallelism of Tianjin of bright red graceful surpasses one ticket to beg Zhu Ting hard ” explode red ” orbit date from

Female parallelism of Tianjin of bright red graceful surpasses one ticket to beg Zhu Ting hard to explode red contrail date from

The woman nowadays discharges altar, the player can resemble Zhu Ting without which so fire. It is her achievement and group of giant vermicelli made from bean starch not only, still have the product of the yearly salary that she plays a ball game, Dai Yan, go even film of guard the threshing floor can mount hot search. New sports season, zhu Ting joins in Tianjin team, 980 yuan season ticket sells one sky already, only field ticket also broke up severalfold, calculate now going up is one ticket is begged hard.

Interesting is, review Zhu Ting explode red contrail, can discovering her is not play a ball game in home fire rises, leave foreign career with hers more very much relevant. Somebody envies Zhu Ting to encounter noble everywhere, little imagine can capture the life of the opportunity, it is the life of effort certainly.

Height 1 meter 88 when already cut a figure

In August 2011, on the championship contest of volleyball of world teenager woman that in Turkey capital Ankala holds, the Zhu Ting that plays cosmopolitan game first holds the position of a spiker. Zhu Ting’s height is only at that time 1 meter 88, get 17 minutes alone in semifinals however, take next matches to notch king title.

2012, zhu Ting gets the bishop drills Xu builds heart appreciate, as brunt team of volleyball of woman of help China youth takes next women’s volleyballs inferior green contest champion, also take 2013 qualification of tounament of world youth women’s volleyball. A series of achievement let Lang Ping be determined, induct 1 meter of Zhu Ting of 90 enter height at that time national group.

Obedient it is the important label on Zhu Ting body.

Just drilled along with national group a month, lang Ping discovers Zhu Ting jumps over Lian Yuebai, ghastly still white. Because force, physical power is insufficient, zhu Ting can not get used to the training of national group.

Lang Ping is urgent made stop training, ask Zhu Ting must have a meal more, much more experienced physical ability, still arranged physical ability train, made education plan. Zhu Ting is obedient, man makes the same score the egg whitening that prepares personally, zhu Ting eats to leave foreign Turkey league matches later all the time. In Henan team, zhu Ting is likewise obedient. The Zhu Ting 2013 has been the ham of Henan women’s volleyball, had her, henan group goes from piscine Nan body powerful force. She lets Yulu’s battle be record in annals, in that match, zhu Ting takes below 43 minutes, before Li Yingying, it is sheet of player of league matches home all the time field is highest notch record. But the public enemy that Henan team also became countrywide fan, fan feels distressed Henan aggression relies on Zhu Ting, block to rely on Zhu Ting, defend even back row Yao Zhuting is low receive block high.

Ceng Huo gets MVP mower name

When Tianjin the national games, zhu Ting had taken ten million high pay in Turkey. When Henan team needs Zhu Ting, she hesitates to give fight on behalf of Henan team none. Regrettablly Zhu Ting did not deliver Henan line, what accumulate because of league mat东莞夜网论坛ches and the national games however is tired out, in the spot anoxic faint, by urgent send toward the hospital.

The Zhu Ting when those should be in114夜网论坛 Turkey league matches, European champion league matches, China the national games deal with of many time zone, many competition ground, the leap up that also is ego of promotion of whole side of bright red graceful however rises period.

Zhu Ting also agrees with that paragraph of period progress is the rapiddest. The athlete of club high level slants now much, training and can experience personally in person in the match, be helpful for oneself rise. Oneself cook in the life, oneself drive training, oneself go Check In, all things need him to do. At ordinary times OK also static the book reads in light of next hearts, fill charge. Zhu Ting says. Zhu Ting of that paragraph of day wins the title of MVP mower.

Before going to Turkey to go back to the motherland to May 2019 from September 2016, zhu Ting follows Turkey women’s volleyball Wajifu bank club team go on an expedition 3 sports season, in Turkey super cup, Turkey cup, earth exceeds league matches, Ouguan league matches and world all cup 5 contests thing achieves beautiful performance repeatedly, force aided team to take 8 champion, her individual also receives in glory MVP 6 times, be elected as optimal main attack 4 times, successive 3 sports season become the most ablaze star on Turkey competition ground.

Good achievement lets commercial value change now

Besides the victory, zhu Ting still takes the flow that needs most for Turkey volleyball. Agreement star is signed before Turkey, do not have law and the benefit of person energy of life of bright red graceful to contend. The data of some commerce website shows, in w[……]


American male basket team of Japan of cruel of 53 minutes of blood! 3 Lian Sheng groups the first line [18P]

American male basket team of Japan of cruel of 53 minutes of blood! 3 Lian Sheng groups the first line [18P]Beijing time on September 5, male basket world cup undertakes the group is surpassed last rounds, the United States beat Japan with 98-45. The United States 3 Zhan Sansheng, with the group portion of a suit promotes. Bulangde 20 minutes 7 backboard, walker 15 minutes, barnes 14 minutes, miqieer and Harris get 10 minutes each. 3 battle of Japanese 3 be defeated, fall into disuse. Equestrian field hero got 18 minutes greatly, the hero that cross a border too 9 minutes. A Jing gives a suit cold sweat, force Turkey hardly when adding, depend on penalty shot finally with 1 minute of win by a narrow margin. When encountering powerful group, am erican group fights ability makes a person oppugn. Face Japan, need not worry, difference of first half both sides achieves 30 minutes of above, victory or defeat does not have be concerned about early. Group of the first United States is small try Niu Dao. They leave with a 13-0 bureau. Japan made close in part in first hind, just relied on penalty shot to get 2 minutes. Hit shoot a basket of first time of nearly 6 minutes of ability to hit the target. Condition of American after this glides somewhat, but still end this red-letter day with 23-9. The United States is hit very loosen, organic meeting moves with respect to exterior line, of Japan defend cannot constitute too big menace to them. When the 2nd still has 6 minutes of 25 seconds, harris hits the target 3 minutes, they preceded with 40-10 30 minutes. American team after this defends loosen somewhat, japan has eventually notch fragmentarily. Only part United States is chopped fell 33 minutes, end first half with 56-23. Group of first half United States scores a hit rate for 49% , in casting 10 write down 3 minutes of balls. Japan hits the target rate have 30% only, 3 minutes of balls 7 cast 2 in. Whole the second half can say is rubbish time, make exhibition game of the United States. The 3rd at the beginning, the United States hits a 17-2, gain advantage of 48 minutes with 73-25. When still having 4 minutes of 42 seconds till this section, 8 villages base dash forward to planted agent, cruel buckle procurable, redeem a few face for Japan, this is his full-court first time notchs. After 3 pass, the United States precedes with 83-31. Difference of last bilateral major time is in 60 minutes of above, finally a few minutes, the United States is loosened, make Japan a few times procurable. Last both sides gets 14 minutes each. Grading records this note recentlyHandsome mewGold coin+ 22Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2019-9-6 15:36[……]